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2x SYBR Master Mix

ClearPeak 2x SYBR Master Mix is a specialized premix for real-time fluorescence quantitative qPCR reactions using the dye method (SYBR Green I). The core component EcoTaq DNA Polymerase is an antibody based hot start DNA polymerase that can be restored by heating at 95°C for 5 seconds. It has many advantages such as strong specificity and high detection sensitivity, and is paired with an optimal buffer optimized for qPCR. The unique qPCR buffer system of this product, combined with hot start enzymes, effectively inhibits the production of non-specific products and significantly improves the amplification efficiency of qPCR. It is very suitable for high specificity and sensitivity qPCR reactions. This product is also suitable for qPCR rapid reaction program. Good standard curves can be obtained within a wide quantitative range, with accurate, reproducible, and reliable quantification of target genes.


Fast: PCR lasts less than competitors. ClearPeak 2x SYBR Master Mix saves your time.

Ecological: Your PCR wastes less electricity since it lasts shorter. ClearPeak 2x SYBR Master Mix helps protecting environment.



2x SYBR Master Mix

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    Ship with blue ice

  • Storage

    Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze and thaw cycles. ClearPeak 2x Probe Master Mix can be stably stored for 6 months under dark conditions at 2~8°C after thawing.

  • Cat. No

    SMM1, SMM5

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