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Suppressor Kit

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EndoGenius Suppressor Kit allows inhibition of specific target genes at transcription level.


Drug discovery and development of therapeutic approaches relies heavily on the association of genotypes with phenotypes. One of the best ways to carry out this strategy is to disrupt gene function and then analyze changes in the phenotype. Using RNAi and CRISPR biological tools, researchers can study gene function by suppressing gene expression at the translational or genetic level, respectively. However, both systems have certain limitations.


Directly regulating the expression of endogenous genes by targeting DNA offers several advantages compared with oligodeoxynucleotides (ODNs) or RNA interference (RNAi) approaches to down-regulate gene expression. For downregulation of endogenous genes directly at the DNA level, efficiency is likely to increase as only two copies of DNA per cell need to be targeted compared to the thousands of mRNAs that are usually required to be targeted in RNAi approaches.


CRISPRi system also necessitates utilization of large plasmids, technical experience and long optimization processes. Suppression of endogenous gene expression using specific EndoGenius Suppressor Kit results in effective inhibition of all splice variants that is expressed in that specific cell or tissue. 


Utilization of EndoGenius Suppressor Kit allows inhibition of specific gene expression with minimal off-target effects. It is quite easy to carry out an assay to see functional effects of suppressing an endogenous gene.


It is also possible with EndoGenius Suppressor to target different genes of a gene family simultaneously. Therefore, the expression of multiple genes can also be easily altered using a single tool.

Suppressor Kit

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