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6x DNA Loading Dye Green

ClearBand 6x DNA Loading Dye Green is a pre-mixed buffer, which can be used for loading DNA markers and samples into the wells of agarose and non-denaturing polyacrylamide gels.It contains two tracking dyes, Xylene Cyanol FF and Orange G, for visualization of DNA migration on the gels. Orange G runs around 50 bp fragment in agarose gels, which provides much better tracking of DNA before it runs off the gel. Besides, Orange G does not result in formation of a dark shadow on the gel as Bromophenol Blue does, which runs around 400 bp fragment precisely where PCR fragments are likely to be.

6x DNA Loading Dye Green

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    Ship at ambient temperature.

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    Stable for 1 year at 4-8°C or at room temperature.

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