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Inducer Kit

Please use the following link to fill the submission form and specify your target gene. To order the product, please contact your local supplier with your Submission ID.


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EndoGenius Inducer Kit allows overexpression of specific target genes at transcription level.


Important implications for human health have been made from what has been learned from overexpression studies, and these implications have changed our understanding of the causes and treatment of diseases. Since gene transfer vectors generally have a limited insert size, therapeutic gene entry is often limited to the intracellular delivery of a splice variant of a gene. However, for the proper regulation of cellular processes, it can be extremely important that all splice variants of a gene expressed in the cell of interest are expressed at the correct rate. Alternative splice is an important phenomenon in nature and at least one-third of human genes are thought to be subject to alternative splice processing.


Induction of endogenous gene expression using specific EndoGenius Inducer Kit results in expression of all splice variants that is expressed in that specific cell or tissue. 


EndoGenius Inducer Kit allows both overexpression of even the largest gene in the genome and overexpression of all cell-specific expressed variants. 


Utilization of EndoGenius Inducer Kit allows specific gene overexpression with minimal off-target effects. It is quite easy to carry out an overexpression assay to see functional effects of overexpressing an endogenous gene. 


It is also possible with EndoGenius Inducer to target different genes of a gene family simultaneously. Therefore, the expression of multiple genes can also be easily altered using a single tool.

Inducer Kit

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