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Blood Total RNA Kit

EcoSpin Blood Total RNA Kit is designed as a simple and convenient purification of high- quality total RNA including small RNAs (e.g. microRNAs) from whole blood up to 8 ml. This kit utilizes chaotropic ions and silica-based membrane technology, eliminating the need for expensive resins, hazardous phenol-chloroform extractions, β-mercaptoethanol, or time- consuming alcohol precipitation. The standard protocol lasts less than 40 minutes at room temperature and purified RNA can be effectively used in routine downstream applications including cDNA synthesis, northern blotting, differential display, primer extension, and mRNA selection.

Blood Total RNA Kit

SKU: E2090
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    Ship at ambient temperature

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    Store the Kit between 15°C and 25°C

    Store EcoSpin RBCL Buffer at 4-8°C upon receipt

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