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PCR Master Mix

EcoTaq 2x PCR Master Mix is designed for effective and fast amplification of templates, up to 10kb, with high fidelity. The mix is provided at 2x concentration and contains EcoTaq DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, and optimized buffer. The blue dye within the mix allows immediate loading of reaction mixture after PCR. The products are a mixture of blunt ends and single base (A) 3’ overhang and can be used for direct T/A cloning.


Easy-to-use: Just add DNA template and primers to run your reaction. Load PCR products immediately after PCR without need for Loading Dyes. EcoTaq saves your time.


Fast: PCR lasts less than an hour. EcoTaq saves your time.


Ecological: Your PCR wastes less electricity since it lasts less an hour. EcoTaq helps protecting environment.


Applications: High throughput PCR, Routine PCR with high reproducibility, T/A Cloning, RT-PCR.

PCR Master Mix

SKU: ET-1, ET-5
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    Ship at room temperature

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    Store at -20°C. Avoid freeze and thaw cycles

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    ET-1, ET-5

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