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Mycoplasma Detection Kit

Contamination of cell cultures with bacteria, fungi, and yeasts represents a major problem in cell culture. Although these microorganisms can be easily detected during routine cell culture applications via changes in
the turbidity of the culture and visualization under the inverted microscope, a class of bacteria regularly escapes detection. These bacteria belonging to the class of Mollicutes, are commonly known as mycoplasma.
Mycoplasma may survive undetected in cell cultures for a long time without any visible effect on the culture.


NutriCulture Mycoplasma Detection Kit offers a sensitive and specific option for the direct detection of mycoplasma in cell cultures via utilization of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). NutriCulture Mycoplasma Detection Kit is useful for the routine screening of cell lines newly introduced into the laboratory, for initial analysis of primary cell cultures, and for the periodical monitoring of routinely used cell cultures. The advantages of the NutriCulture Mycoplasma Detection Kit are its sensitivity, specificity, speed, cost efficiency, and the potential to screen a large number of samples.


NutriCulture Mycoplasma Detection Kit requires extraction and purification of DNA from the cultured cells to exclude inhibitors of the Taq polymerase that may be present in crude cell culture solutions (which sometimes cannot be eliminated by serial dilutions). NutriCulture Mycoplasma Detection Kit includes all essential control reactions like internal, positive, and negative controls.


Mycoplasma Detection Kit

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