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100x CellSAFE

Contamination of cell cultures is a frequent and important problem faced in cell and tissue culture laboratories. It result in delays in experimental schedules, and thus causes waste of precious time, money and efforts.

NutriCulture 100x CellSAFE helps keeping your incubators clear of undesired contamination with its strong antimicrobial and fungicidal features against a wide variety of well-known lab contaminants, without effecting the morphology and proliferative potential of routinely used cells in cell and tissue culture laboratories.

100x CellSAFE

SKU: CS50, CS100
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  • Shipping

    Ship at ambient temperature

  • Storage

    Store at room temperature

  • Precaution

    Note that some precipitate may be observed in the water pan, which can be removed easily with gentle rinsing

  • Cat. No

    CS50, CS100

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