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PVDF Membrane 30 cm x 3 m, Roll

ClearBand Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) membranes display good mechanical strength, strong protein retention, low background, extensive solvent compatibility, and excellent coloring ability. Exceptional strength, high binding capacity and chemical compatibility of ClearBand PVDF membrane make it ideal for use in Western blots, immunoblotting, and solid phase assays and plaque lifts.

ClearBand PVDF membranes are highly hydrophobic and must be pre-wetted with methanol prior to submersion in transfer buffer. It has exceptional tensile strength, preventing it from cracking, tearing, breaking or curling.

PVDF Membrane 30 cm x 3 m, Roll

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    Ship at ambient temperature

  • Storage

    Store at room temperature

  • Dimensions

    30 cm x 3 m, Roll

  • Cat. No

    PVDF022, PVDF045

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